The Dutch system of suspended ceilings. Starry sky. Article number 27

Indeed, the French web around the perimeter at the factory is fixed, so-called <harpoon>, i.e. a plastic bead which is inserted into grooves and moldings. According to the Dutch web technology without any <harpoon> simply clamped into a special baguette bar. The difference is small, but if all of a sudden I want to change the ceiling of the room, I was much less expensive and will cost the redrawing of the application of the same fabric in a smaller room, for example, in the hallway. And due to the particularity of fasteners, with a ceiling Mondea not use a hidden baguette, then there is a ceiling on the perimeter will be plastic edging strip. That's all the difference.
Now for the color. Company Nine Hundred and Extenzo offer more than 100 colors and shades. That - and matte satin, cloth-like texture and a matte and glossy whitewashing of all colors, including metallic, ceilings under the skin, suede, and marble. Novelum has a less wide range, but some of the colors that are represented by Novelum, no other firms. Dutch Mondea offer more than 60 color options. For me, though, all this diversity is not so important. It is rather necessary to designers, design sophisticated interiors. Glossy ceilings add space by reflecting light. Room if growing a half times. Suede - on the contrary create a soft feel. They are good in the bedroom, a quiet office. I'm more suited matte white or maybe beige.
And what <Blick-Hamovniki>? The lights go out. The curtain rises. On stage - Gamzat, Senior ceilings in the firm. In his hands, do not panic, roll fiberglass <to cover the insulation layer pipes>. That's the thing that pull in the firm <Blick-Hamovniki>. Fiberglass unlike vinyl does not stretch this to install it used a different technology. To the wall mounted aluminum profile with a groove in which using a special <bead> clamped sheet. It stretches over the free edge. The strength of the web tension presses <shtapik> to the groove. It turns out that stretched the fabric itself holds in tension.
Agree that such a system is pleased with their trivial beauty. As for the fiberglass, his company buys a factory in Tver <Tverstekloplastic>. This is the band width of 1.1 m, impregnated with latex. It does not burn or melt. Gamzat brought to the canvas a lit cigarette lighter: slightly smoldering latex. The smell was of course. Latex is made of PVC, but the chlorine that is released during combustion in the latex is much less than in the French vinyl, so the smell of burnt fiberglass is much weaker. Strips of fiberglass joint to joint glued with patches. Stretched fabric painted vodoemulsionku, it is better borne by the plastic. The water is such a ceiling, as opposed to the French passes. But he is not afraid of cold temperatures, so this ceiling can be stretched in the country. Thus, <Blick-Hamovnikah> hung vinyl and French, which are bought from <Mial-S>, but due to the fact that the web does not need to be fixed <harpoon>, as well as due to other cost reduction, French ceilings <Blick-Hamovnikah> are cheaper than in other firms. Price is per meter stretch of fiberglass, including installation, ordering more than 15 sq.m. - 10 y. is less than - 20 at. The company is engaged ceiling for about six months. Technology, according to Gamzat more <raw>, so the warranty company - 5 years on a cloth and 1 year of installation, and yet claims to the ceilings of their customers have had. Hopefully simpatichnomk domestic producers, but the worm of doubt gnaws soul. This unpretentious, but still <raw> Technology somehow frightening. Yes, painting vodoemulsionku - is it good? Maybe 10-20 y. is easier to plaster ...
And I asked, finally, the big question yourself. And whether they are necessary to me. These ceilings. In reflection I remembered again Erofeeva: <And what need stigmata of St. Teresa? They do not need it, too. But they are her hope ".
Star-studded night sky has always attracted the eyes of the people of his unfathomable depths, so it is understandable designers are constantly made attempts to reproduce at least the fragments of this so attractive spectacle. Today is a good enough illusion of the sky can create with fiber-optic lighting systems (VOSO
All VOCO using the phenomenon of total reflection of light at the interface of a more dense optical medium to a less dense. For example, if the light beam propagating in the glass, to send to the interface of glass and air at an angle less than 50 ° (and the optical density of the glass than air), this beam is not refracted through the glass does not penetrate into the air and is totally reflected and returns in volume glass. Thus, a relatively thin fiber (filament) of glass or other suitable material, the light rays may travel long distances and leaving only its volume, where the fiber ends, that is, through its end (Fig. 1).
Such fibers are conductors for light and can transmit it to several meters or even thousands of kilometers similarly as copper wires transmit electricity.
From similar fibers, but dressed in a protective shell, are, by the way, and the cables that are used in fiber-optic communication lines (fiber optic) to transfer huge amounts of information are inaccessible to conventional cables.
Decorative fiber-optic system "Starry Sky" (Fig. 2) consists of a light and a set of optical fibers of different lengths and diameters. Following the plan of the designer, each fiber is stretched in the cavity above the ceiling of the light generator to a point in the ceiling where to shine "asterisk". Thus, many stars, so many fibers. Below the visible surface of the ceiling, simulating the firmament, visible only by their ends, which light up the stars of various sizes depending on the diameter of the fiber after the light generator.
To enhance the illusion, artificial star can be made to blink, like the present, setting a special device in the light-generator-modulator.
However, with the help of VOSO can create a wide range of interesting visual effects. If the ends of the fibers to strengthen the special crystal prisms, each output fiber adorn the ceiling above the elegant design of the rays of light refracted on the faces of the prism. Very nice look at night architectural fragments of buildings and relief of the landscape, accented fiber-optic cable with a side illumination (Fig. 3). They can be stacked along the lines of the most intricate configuration of arbitrarily large length.
In addition to these, VOSO have another very important advantage. The fact that the light source therein, that is, the light engine can be removed from the concrete, which requires illumination of the object at a sufficiently large distance. That is created on the basis of VOSO lamp does not contain the elements (such as a red-hot coil) that could cause a fire, explosion or cause electric shock to persons, and can be used as a spotlight in particularly hazardous conditions.
We ceilings "Starry Sky" is no longer a rarity, but especially common fiber-optic systems have received after the appearance of the so-called suspended ceilings. By the way, companies offering services for installation of these ceilings are usually owned and technology with optical fibers. They can also acquire the necessary materials and equipment. Unfortunately, the price of this beauty is still quite high. For example, fiber-optic strands mechanical glow diameter of 1 mm are 0.7 euros per linear meter, 3 mm in diameter - 4,6 euro. Light engine power of 150 watts worth 600-620 euros, and 400 W - 2300 euros. But to have a little slice of heaven on your own ceiling is really worth it .