Frequently asked questions about the installation of suspended ceilings. And the answers to them.

In what types of facilities can be installed suspended ceiling?
     The stretch ceiling can be installed in all residential and non-residential premises. The ceiling does not sag when you change the temperature, does not absorb odors, the ceiling is no condensation. The ceiling does not change color over time. Easy to clean with a damp cloth. Temperature limits the use of suspended ceilings from - 5 ° C to + 40 ° C.
What are the terms of the Order?
     Standard suspended ceiling installed in a day, sometimes for 4-5 hours. Delivery time 7-10 days.
How to prepare the room before installation?
       During installation, the following work will be carried out, which may affect the preparation of the premises: drilling through the wall every 15 inches, heating the fabric up to 70 0 C, respectively furniture must endure, it is necessary to fully access around the perimeter of the room, as the mounting tension ceiling is made in the wall . Prepare electrician: scatter wires in places where lights will be installed. Prerequisite: The presence of lights at the facility. Warn the neighbors about noise during drilling walls. Indicate the locations where concealed wiring in the walls of space and water pipes.
What is the difference between conventional and seamless stretch ceilings?
       Conventional ceilings made of PVC film, maximum web width not exceeding 220 cm Therefore webs welded to each other, resulting in the ceiling can be welds. Seams are almost invisible on matte textures and stand out a little more due to the reflection of light on the glossy texture ceilings. Using the technology of the installation before installing the ceiling is heated to 70 0 C and stretched around the perimeter. Seamless stretch ceilings are made of a material on the basis of tissue only white matte color. Therefore, on these canvases is very common print different images. Widths 210, 310 and 510 cm, which allows you to set the ceiling in almost every room. The canvas is not heated during the installation, and the ceiling cut out the size of the room on the spot. As regards hygiene and functional properties in terms almost identical to those ceilings. They are environmentally friendly, fire-safe, non-static. The difference is that the ceilings are seamless, unlike the conventional PVC, afraid of moisture and can not be reinstalled after removal. Seamless ceilings are not able to remove the flooding and one way out - to replace the entire ceiling. A conventional ceilings are able to dismantle. More information about the seamless stretch ceilings read the article.
At what stage of repair, installing a suspended ceiling?
      The stretch ceiling can be installed at any stage of repair. We recommend that you install after all the rough work of the walls and the floor, and to design the walls and floor finishing materials. Before installing the tensioning old ceiling does not require additional work, unless the ceiling is no through-holes and collapse. More details - requirements to the customer before installation of stretch ceiling.
What you give guarantees on the ceilings?
      We give a guarantee of 12 years on the ceiling and 3 years for construction works. Read more about the warranty on the suspended ceiling here.
What is the distance from the ceiling to "eat" the suspended ceiling?
     At least 3 cm, this thickness profile that is attached to the ceiling. If there is a fitted light (point), then the depth of the lamp.
What kind of sound insulation makes the suspended ceiling in a block of flats?
     By itself does not give the suspended ceiling insulation, it eliminates the acoustic effects like echo. For sound insulation before installation of stretch ceiling can be routed foam or any other sound-insulating material that withstands heat of 60 degrees Celsius.
Does the smell of the suspended ceiling?
     Yes, it does. But in the first 2-3 weeks. Since the film is packaged in rolls, where there is no access to air, where it can not "breathe."
Will I have welded seams on the ceiling?
     Welded seams for stretch ceiling is a technological moment. Roll widths on the market ranges from 130cm to 200cm (Europe).