The development of technology tension ceiling

       The fact that such ceilings, Moscow learned only in 1992. However, this does not mean that the technology in the world has appeared only in the late twentieth century. The most interesting is that a similar method of coating the ceiling cloth stretched over a frame was known in the ancient world. In wealthy homes in Greece and Rome before the Christian era used decorative ceilings made of silk the color of the walls. Of course, resistance to various harmful factors for the fabric - light, temperature, dust - then considerably less than today because the fabric often had to change.

       An interesting and somewhat similar technology was used in ancient times in Armenia. Please make wooden frame on which stretched cotton cloth, soaked in water with chalk. On drying, the fabric is stretched so much that forms a tightly stretched flat surface.

       In the modern form of suspended ceilings technology was first tested and used by Swedish artists. It happened in the sixties of the last century. And innovation quickly spread not only throughout Europe, but also around the world. With great zeal this technology have adopted the French. They learned to make almost perfect PVC film, which are made of modern cloth for stretch ceilings. The exact formula of the film is still considered a trade secret in France. No wonder the French ceilings have a reputation for quality and most durable France in this field for many years is a trendsetter. In addition to French, the ceilings are made successfully in Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands. Italy, and recently also in Russia. Nearly a decade ago, have been mastered seamless ceilings, Moscow also opened them for myself a few years ago.

       At the present stage ceilings - is the manufacturing of tension structures of PVC film in a light-framed baguette, which allows you to create not only a perfectly smooth coating of problem areas, but also to form a multi-level fantasy ceiling, hidden from prying eyes communications building. The variety of modern designs of suspended ceilings is striking: it's "starry sky", generated by the use of fiber optics, and placing the cloth at any angle, even in the form of waves, cones, arches. In addition, the ceiling can cause any image to make it luminous using a special film which is located above the light sources or patterns of fiber.