Stretch ceilings. Draw the stars on the ceiling. Article number 53.

French ceilings with panoramic views of the sky. Technologies and design options.

Starry sky seems so close, as if you can get him to hand. However, the reality is quite different. Reach out to the "sky" you'll get only if you set the French ceilings or local product manufacturer with a special effect. Then each night you will enjoy a sparkling ceiling, and your dreams will be unusually pleasant.

Draw a "star"

Domestic manufacturers offer interesting products, such as matte paintings, which are suitable for creating a "starry sky". On the ceilings of such invoice is applied colorless fluorescent paint. Because of its transparency, daylight ceiling seems absolutely clear, and at night in the dark on it are drawn the outlines of distant stars.

The image on the web depends on your imagination. You can put stars, comets, constellations, planets and distant solar system whole. The option of establishing the elements of night sky with luminescent paint is the most cost-effective and simple. However, there is one drawback. The image on the ceiling will not flicker, which is typical of the starry heavens.

Embedding optical fiber cable

If you are going to invite installers them to fix the web, the pre-warn them of the desire to use fiber-optic cable to create a "starry sky". This requires special equipment and a special type of installation. In addition to the cable needed light engine with a rotating filter. It allows the "starry sky" flicker.

First of all, the master is set between the main and special stretch ceiling frame. That it forms the heavenly bodies and the drawing of the sky. Again, you are free to choose any image. It can be as arbitrary picture, and a replica of the sky from astronomical atlas. Note that the Night "firmament" is of various colors. Filter contains more than 30 shades.

If you do not want to install the extra frame, the experts will probably enhance the fiber-optic cable tensioning the canvas. However, during the day the fine holes in the "vault" will look strange. Help tensioner product with a velvety texture. It is easy to hide the ends of fiber-optic strands and hide the holes. If you want to create the effect of stargazing, ask installers to pull the thread about 10 cm They should hang from the ceiling. Looks great on a reception UV vinyl canvases.

As you can see, creating a "starry sky" is very important that the French ceilings have been correctly selected, depending on what type of image of the heavenly bodies apply.