Stretch ceilings. Spring. Begin repairs. Article number 52.

     Spring - time to repair!

     In our world, everything is subject to the laws. Repair - isklyuchenie.Psihologi not sure that we in the spring, more than ever, I want to update, and energy often have nowhere devat.Esli soul asks for updates, and arrange in a flat natural disaster do not want to, you can try to refresh some of the details interior.

      Nature started us happy sunny days, the light rays make their way through the windows ... And what do we see? Take a look at your ceiling. Faded paint, bumps, cracks, chips ... The ceiling has long been considered a decoration at home. Poorly made ceiling can negate all the efforts of the interior decoration.

      Today the design of the ceiling became as much a part interior design as floor and wall as a harmonious blend of all the planes of the room is very vazhno.Davno gone are the days when plastering and painting were the only ways to finish.

      In recent years, suspended ceiling, as a kind of decorative materials, is gaining in popularity in interior decoration. Its new and unusual shapes can transform any room space. A right choice of color and texture allows it to become a kind of dominant interior or emphasize the decoration is the color idea. Glossy, matte or satin - these ceilings will give any room originality and elegance.

      Stretch ceilings are tremendous opportunities in the embodiment of ideas. Multi-level structure in the form of clouds, arched and domed - achieved any form. Which is better: a classic matte texture with a complete lack luster or a stylish gloss that turns the ceiling into a magical mirror, shining metal or exquisite silk? Maybe imitation leather, marble or wood?

      Stretch ceilings "StroyPrestizh" applied with equal success in the new construction, repair, renovation and decorating, are irreplaceable in finishing wet rooms (moisture-proof, they are no condensation).

      The main advantages of our products - reliability (10 year warranty), simplicity and speed of installation (a few hours - depending on the volume of the space), the lack of debris, affordable prices.

The main thing - to determine the design, and a wide selection of colors and textures will help to realize the most ambitious projects.