Feng Shui - 7 steps to harmony

    You fatally unlucky? And you wonder what the reason might be unwashed plate or open toilet lid? Feng Shui offers an original way to achieve a life of harmony.

     Even in ancient times people observed that the habitat can have it both positive and negative effects. Feng shui - the ancient Chinese art and science of living in harmony with yourself and the world - offers us to become real housewives in their own home.

Step One - Head pet

     To the house were positive flow of energy, get a pet. Feng Shui tortoise prefers. In China, for them to arrange a small pond, which is a stone on which the turtle can get out. In our situation is fine any capacity of about 30 cm in diameter. The water should be changed three times a week, and feed the turtle fish. It is believed that armored bring stability to the house. However, the fit and ... frog. They are believed to protect from the dangers and troubles. For those who prefer warm-blooded pets, we can offer a tiger. Tiger, on the one hand, symbolizes protection, on the other hand, the female principle. So it is quite logical for women to have a little tiger in the image of a cat that will protect their well-being. By the way, in Egypt the cat was considered the goddess guarding the home and family happiness woman. About dogs of the Chinese did not have anything, but I believe they are unlikely to damage the domestic harmony. So, the choice is yours.

Step two - pay attention to the front door and hallway

      The theater begins with a hanger, and the apartment - with the door. The Chinese believe that the door is by the stairs or on top of it - a bad sign. Ladder, of course, do not move, but the situation is still possible to correct. It is recommended to hang over the door mirror to reflect the average size of negative energy.

     The same technique will help if you're unlucky and the doors of the apartment located on top of each other. On the inside front door handle recommend hang coins or bells, as it is believed that they are attracted to the house money. The Chinese have used for this purpose coins with holes, tying them with red lace.

     Entrance to the house should be well lit. If the hallway is too dark, use more vibrant colors, strengthen the coverage and hang on the wall paintings or photographs in rectangular and oval frames.

     In addition, any entry should be kept clean and not just before the reception of guests, and all the time. Otherwise you will have to chase feelings of apathy and fatigue.

For door mat, select the color corresponding to the direction of the front door.

     Some feng shui experts advise to put happiness under the mat three gold coins. I think that should be fine brass, as it has a color value rather than the invoice.

      Ideally, when a person enters the house, his eyes must turn to the living room, dining room or family room, not to the individual members of the family rooms. Recently, over time, can lead to fragmentation of the family. To remedy the situation, place in a hallway impressive, interesting objects that distract attention from the interior rooms. Keep the closed doors leading to the bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms.

Step Three - Take a bath and toilet

     One of the main requirements to the bathroom - clean and orderly, it is combined with the usual Russian habits. As for the rest, "the Chinese have their quirks." The setting it should be as simple. On the bathroom door, if it is located in the southern part of the apartment, hang a mirror on the outside, and to select the blue walls or blue hues. If the color does not suit you, then hang up the image of the fish or waves.

     If the toilet is in the bathroom, cut off his wall. The cover on the toilet bowl must always be closed. Otherwise well-being will ever go away. If possible, place the plant in a closet.

      Mop, duster and things like that should be kept in a safe place, away from the eyes, or the inhabitants of the dwelling will not be luck. This applies particularly to the kitchen. Failure to observe this principle leads to the fact that the owners can not get out of poverty.

Step Four - pay attention to the room in which eat meals

      Sometimes the dining room and living room are combined in one room. In this case, the area where the food is taken to be isolated from the living room. This can be achieved by means of a wooden lattice with climbing plants, mirrors and paintings or photographs. Bookcase, bookcase or other similar piece of furniture can also serve to create a "dividing line". Combined with warm colors (possibly different from the colors living room).

      A person usually feels better when eating in a room with a high ceiling. In the "Khrushchev" with ceilings of 2 m 40cm hole to the neighbors is not the hole, so it is necessary to increase the height visually. You can use wall lights with light directed upwards. Too bright lighting is not conducive to comfort and relaxation, so use switches with adjustable lamps or less power - at least for everyday meals.

     Mirrors, a favorite element of feng shui, recommended and in the dining room, as they not only enhance the natural light and create the illusion of more space, but also doubles the number of dishes on the table, making every meal twice more impressive.

      Although the ideal chair should stand by the wall, in practice it is not always possible, so use those tips that are real for our small kitchens. Do not place the table in front of the front door, the chairs must be an even number, and plant the honored guest facing the entrance is not directly opposite.

      Meals are facing the toilet has a negative impact not only on the appetite, but also on the health and well-being of family members. If the dining table is adjacent to the wall of the toilet, it ensures health problems.

Dining table located between the doors at opposite ends of the room, is also under attack. Of such a house will be quickly "float away" well-being. In such a situation it is necessary to hang the door hanger or a musical bell.

      You can choose the color of the tablecloth, in accordance with the area of ​​the room where the dining table: blue in the north, in the east of the green and so on. If you always use a white cloth, try colored napkin rings. Insulating lining should be combined with the shape of the table, if you have a round table, use round pads, buy oval for the appropriate table.

      Do not eat from dishes that are cracked or chipped. This bodes trouble. During the meal, use glasses, filling them with a clear liquid, then they will be playing the role of individual crystals, stimulating the flow of energy. What's nice, is not necessary to use an expensive crystal, facetted approach even glass.

Step Five - will work on the living room

     Living not only serves as a gathering place for family members, where they watch television or just relax together, but also a center of communication, when guests come friends and acquaintances. Living room should be warm and welcoming, warm and well lit, but not too bright and noisy.
If there is an alcove in the living room, the energy can stagnate. Hang a mirror on the protruding wall to create a sense of depth, rev the energy through plants and wall lights.

Well in the corner of the TV set, it will be a zone of wealth. Chairs and sofa should be set back to the walls.

      Do not keep the books on open shelves. Over time, this will lead to the emergence of disease, ill health, poor mood. As a last resort, put the spine level with the edge of the shelf, it will reduce the harmful effects. Wooden shelves are not recommended to place on the south-west, north-east and center of the apartment. Glass, do not place in the northern part of the apartment. The least harmful shelves of plastic.

Hang on the wall in the living room family photos. They must attend all family members living in the house, and always in a good mood. It will bring good luck.

Center of the room is considered a zone of luck. Place a chandelier over it.

Step Six - the secret of bedrooms

      Take a beautiful vase. Fill it with semiprecious stones or crystals, or put into it jewelry. Hide it in a closet (but not in front of the door to the bedroom) or a chest of drawers and no one showed. These actions promise financial well-being.

Step Seven - a few words on the corridor

      If the corridor is long, hang it on the wall of mirrors, creating the effect of the wave-like motion. Much can also be done at the expense of wall decorations, pale lights and hanging pots with climbing plants if space permits.

And more ...

     You can improve the promotion of energy flow in an apartment with the help of devices, "wind music", bells, "the sound of water." The ticking clock on the wall and create a good background sound in the house.

     Try to grow an orange tree in the apartment. Orange - a symbol of prosperity. Place it in an unfavorable part of the apartment (geopathic zone), this place has become less dangerous for you. For this purpose, you can use lemon tree. In different corners of the apartment and the rooms should be dominated by a different color.

      The curtains have to improve Feng Shui home. Before choosing curtains for the various windows of the house, find out which side of the light directed these windows, and then on the table find out which color is best.

    Arrange in his apartment a symbolic representation of the primary elements. In order to attract money into the house, take care of the representation of the water, because the water a symbol of wealth. It can be represented by a small aquarium with black or dark blue. The water also symbolize mirrors, glass, images of fish, waterfalls and seascapes.

      The tree symbolizes growth, creativity and power. It can be represented by any of flowers, plants, green. Well if the flowers are arranged in the east or south-east. The tree also symbolizes wooden objects, images of trees and plants.

Symbols of fire (candles and bulbs) at home podvyshayut activity level.

      With land traditionally associated with yellow and yellowish-brown in color.

Her characters are ceramic products. Their use will give you practicality.

      Metal colors - white, gold and silver. The main forms of expression are the metal circle and crescent, and any metal objects, especially coins. The presence of such items in the house encourages entrepreneurship and diversity.

None of the primary elements must not be excessively represented. This will lead to negative consequences.