Stretch ceilings. What are the advantages of a stretch ceiling?

     The modern market of materials for construction and repair is impossible to imagine without suspended ceilings. Not so long ago they seemed a luxury, used rarely and only those who could afford it fun. Today the situation has changed. On the market there was a lot of offers, prices have become quite democratic, and installation of suspended ceilings - routine procedure. Expanded the scope of suspended ceilings. In the living room or the bathroom, the kitchen or nursery - ceilings can now be found in almost any room. Even gyms, shops, offices equipped with tension ceilings. What can explain such popularity? What are the benefits of modern ceilings to other types of finishes? First, it should be said, of course, safety. Made of modern, robust materials, PVC or fabric with special impregnation, they are not only resistant to mechanical damage, with the exception of the effects of cutting and stabbing objects, but do not lose the performance characteristics under the influence of a heavy load. So, 1 sq.m. able to withstand 100 kg (or, for example, 100 liters of water).
    Therefore, another benefit of suspended ceilings - excellent protection against leakage, which is important, you see, especially for the residents of the top floors or private homes, cottages. If such a nuisance yet happened, you will only be enough to drain the water from the canvas, and for a short time, the room will be in order. Third, fireproof ceilings, the material for their manufacture is classified slabovozgorayuschihsya, which makes it possible to use any lights. Another important advantage - all the ceilings are environmentally friendly. By selecting any ceiling design, whether it's matte canvas or ceiling starry sky, you can be sure that it meets all the standards of domestic furnishing. Speaking of design. Manufacturers of suspended ceilings offer a variety of colors and textures of their products (from the glossy ceiling to simulate marble and wood), so choose according to your taste and the concept of finishing the interior is not difficult. In addition, the suspended ceiling can take any form that you will agree, further expands the horizons for creativity.
       It is impossible not to mention one indisputable advantage of suspended ceilings - their installation and removal is very simple, does not take a lot of time and avoid a lot of debris. In addition, the ceilings are easy to use, require minimal maintenance, while maintaining all of its properties and characteristics. They are not negatively impacted by changes in temperature, and do not fade from the dust. If we talk about the service life, the suspended ceiling - Durable design and the artwork ceilings retain clarity pictures and bright colors even years after installation. We should also mention the ability to install suspended ceilings in wet areas - in the kitchen, in the bathroom or the pool. Modern technologies allow to avoid fungus and prevent the formation of condensation, so the ceiling permanently retain the original look. Equally important is the ability of the web to the excellent sound and heat insulation, which at times is so lacking in apartment buildings! Safe to say that there is hardly any other kind of ceiling coverings has many advantages and benefits, how many of them have suspended ceilings.