Compare Armstrong, rack and suspended ceilings

     Today there are many design options ceilings, including recently become more common over the suspended ceiling, rack and stretch ceilings.

    The English company Armstrongbyla one of the first companies began to manufacture false ceilings and won most of the market. Therefore, in today's terminology ceilings Armstrongyavlyayutsya common name of all of these types of ceiling pokrytiy.Konstruktsiya of the ceiling suspension system consists of and ceiling tiles. Suspension system is a profile of the T-shaped guides and the design of the attachment to the walls of the room. After the installation of suspended ceiling systems are stacked on
the guide profile.


     Installation of suspended ceiling is quite a complex procedure, which must fulfill the professional master. Otherwise, there is a good chance that after a while ceiling system is deformed and will come into complete disrepair. The main difficulty in installing suspended ceilings is the correct calculation of the load on the grid system. This requires the correct calculations ceiling area in view of its architectural features of the building.

     Suspended ceilings Armstrongprekrasno suitable for decoration of apartments, houses, offices and other public pomescheniy.Bolshoe variety of ceiling tiles makes it easy to find a suitable design and colors for the decoration potolka.Pomimo aesthetic features, the suspended ceiling has a number of useful properties. They otlichayutsyaprevoskhodnoy soundproofing, which allows you to fully or partially absorb unwanted noise. Have a high fire resistance and comply with all standards of fire safety. Suspended ceilings Armstrong does not absorb moisture from the air and have a high moisture resistance, so they can be successfully used in high humidity areas. Moreover, ceilings Armstrongizgotavlivayutsya of special antibacterial inorganic substances that inhibit the development of fungus, mold and other pathogenic microorganisms. Therefore, they can be installed in special rooms with high requirements for gigiene.Podvesnye ceilings Armstrong environmentally safe for human health, strictly comply with all health and safety standards and have the necessary quality certificates. They make it easy to run and hide the plumbing pipes, electrical wiring, sistemyventilyatsii, konditsionirovaniyai other communications, providing them with necessary dostup.Bystry quick installation, a wide variety of design, easy replacement of worn parts, ease of maintenance, durability, unique features and low price make false ceilings Arsmtrong very reliable and effective way of decoration.

Suspended rack ceilings are suspended construction of supportIT long narrow panels of aluminum. They can be open or closed. Suspended ceilings have open gaps between the panels that fill the special inserts. Ceilings have closed the tab to hide the space between the ceiling panelyami.Reechnye can be found in homes, apartments, offices, stores, restaurants, coffee shops, warehouses, etc. A wide range of colors and a variety of textures, allow the ceiling to give an original and unique look and feel create a general atmosphere of comfort and coziness. Moreover, hanging suspended ceilings can be installed quickly, can hide pipes and wiring, have a high resistance to water and fire, meet all health and safety standards, durable in use, has excellent acoustic properties and are low cost.

     Recently gaining popularity ceilings. It is a modern, economical and fairly quick way to transform beyond recognition, the entire interior of the room. Compared with the suspended ceiling or suspended ceilings, suspended ceilings have a much wide variety of textures and colors and can be applied to a surface of almost any image. Installation of suspended ceilings takes a few hours and can get a perfectly smooth ceiling. Using potolkovArmstrong and suspended ceilings rather limited in the case of a complex multi-level ceiling systems. Stretch ceilings on the contrary provide ample opportunities to create ceilings of various geometric shapes. Armstrong suspended ceilings and suspended ceilings are mainly used for decoration of office and commercial premises, while the ceilings used with equal success in both residential and non-residential premises and are more aesthetically universalnostyu.S ceilings can get a perfectly smooth, uniform, without joints and seams surface, which is not possible with the suspension and rack potolkov.Esche important advantage of suspended ceilings is that they need to install a much smaller space from the ceiling, than any kind of false ceilings. They also have excellent water resistance, fire resistance and other key characteristics of the suspended ceiling.