Lights if the suspended ceiling? We ignite the suspended ceiling together.

       Everyone says that the ceilings are off, but no one saw it. Logically, since when they burn, usually near empty. We decided to fix it, and set fire to the suspended ceiling, or rather a piece of PVC, and they took it on video, which you and show below. The film, which we poGdzhigali, made ​​in Germany, class Lackfolie M1. With this film, our company has been working for the 5th year and we trust her. During this time there were no complaints of cracking, tearing at the seams stretch ceilings. There was so diming, color loss and a decrease in the reflectivity of the film. We do not work with PVC film made ​​in Russia, China and Ukraine. Focus on European companies who have years of experience in the production of films for stretch ceilings. Thus, videos:

       So by looking movie, we all realized that the suspended ceiling is not lit and melted and smoke. We have this video confirmed that the PVC film used for suspended ceilings deservedly has no certificate of combustibility.