The main advantages of stretch ceiling. How long will serve the suspended ceiling?

       Well, finally, the repair is finished! New Images look great, perfectly smooth painted ceiling, laminate flooring creates a cozy, new windows give plenty of light and little noise of city streets. You solemnly arranged the furniture and, my God, how many times you see a crack in the ceiling ... Sound familiar? And often repeated. And for those "lucky" who junction of two plates is directly overhead - almost constant. ceilings OdintsovoChto do in this case? Spit and forget? Or fight with all means available? There is an exit much easier - order ceilings Mytishchi, Queens, Jubilee.
      "Plus" in the ceiling is set. It is a long time and thoroughly hides all flaws, swings, pipes and other unsightly "ornaments". It will give completeness to your room - whether it be a room or an office. Depending on your goals stretch ceiling emphasize the individuality of your home, give it warmth and comfort, or accentuate the style of your business office.
      This ceiling will help to set the mood for you and your loved ones. In the morning, opening his eyes, you will not see another crack, and a perfectly flat surface, and, enjoyable for you to color. Speaking of color. With ceilings can visually expand or narrow space. The apartments are first preferred as a standard ceiling height of 2, 5 meters, and it is a little. Low ceiling depressing effect on the psyche, and in our time constant stress is completely useless.
      Plays a big role and mood lighting. Light and color, you can select or distinguish several areas, even in a small room, that in our conditions nemalovazhno.natyazhnye ceilings fact common, especially in young families, one room can also be a bedroom and an office.
      Another plus - the ceilings are water resistant, which is many times reduces the possibility of flooding forgetful neighbors. The ceiling can hold back the water before the arrival of the masters, and that will eliminate the problem. Your furniture and floors will not be damaged. Improved sound insulation and thermal insulation of space in modern homes too, will not be superfluous.
       There have suspended ceilings and some minuses. The ceiling material is very easy to damage any sharp (and not so sharp) object, flying up. Therefore, it is nothing to install in the children's room in the presence of young children. The ceiling can be damaged by very diligent wash only consolation is that to wash it often is not necessary, the material almost does not attract dust. In addition, the ceiling lights have a small capacity, but this disadvantage can adjust their number.
       But it is very expensive - you might say. But let's count. Modern suspended ceiling is guaranteed for 10 years, and will last much longer. All this time you will not need to buy materials, hire builders to leave the apartment or room (renovated stucco ceiling deal fairly "dirty"). And the lack of hassle and your family peace of mind is worth something, too. Ceilings are set for a few hours, and served for many years, giving play to your imagination and improves mood.