We turn to the ceiling. Whiten? Paint? Pull?. Article number 14

 Repair ceiling, as well as any repairs associated with a long and tedious process. Shifted all the furniture and things, newspapers covered the floor. Working for many days or even weeks on the soles of shoes spread traces of chalk all over the apartment. This pattern is familiar to every Russian citizen, venturing traditional whitewash. Meanwhile, the problem has been solved in Europe decades ago, when they were assimilated now widely used ceilings. In Russia, they are relatively new. Today we introduce you to this convenient and reliable method of device-quality ceiling.

What is a stretch ceiling? The product of stretch film material based superalloy vinyl. The thickness of the material used - 0.15-0.25 mm, weight - 200 g / sq. m Its advantage over conventional - the ability to produce complex spatial configurations at an angle or in different planes. They varied in their design, color and texture and therefore give wide scope for the imagination of the designer. The consumer also receives just such a ceiling, which is fully consistent with the overall composition and the idea of ​​property and each room individually.

Stretch ceilings are available in a large range and by type of films have 10 textures: matte, satin, satin fabric with anti-microbial treatment, varnish, lacquer perforated, moire, mother of pearl, metallic, marbled, under the skin, wood, suede. Each invoice has a number of colors in total, - more than a hundred. When choosing a type of film take into account the general color and design features and interior space, and then, what the lighting effect wish to achieve.

The range of applications is virtually unlimited - apartments and houses, banks, shops, offices, hotels and restaurants, swimming pools and sports facilities, medical schools, museums and concert halls. With the same success they are used in new construction, repair, renovation and decorating.

The ceiling is usually established at the last stage of repair: work takes several hours depending on the size and complexity of the room. Works produces a team of two or three people, leaving behind a no litter, and in most cases, even moving furniture. The technology is quite simple. First, make accurate measurements of the room, and the configuration of the ceiling can be of any complexity. Plans are sent to the factory where it is produced on the canvas ceiling. Along the perimeter of the room at the desired set-Fixing decorative profile - baguette. Determined by the location of the future of lighting, and in accordance with the holes in the fabric made. At a basic ceiling, in places where they should be installed items spotlight, mounted rack, which is set and lights, which will then be displayed in the level of tension ceiling. The web is then heated heat gun to 80 C. Short-term and localized heating, even at the level of human growth temperature increase is not felt. Therefore, there is no fear that the rise in temperature will affect the furniture, windows or doors, or house plants. When the cloth cools down, is the effect of the tension and the result is a perfectly flat, smooth surface. Ready ceiling fixed on the perimeter of the grip baguette, fix the special tool on the corners and along the perimeter walls.

Ceiling ready. Perfectly smooth blade concealed from the eyes of all the defects and roughness of the slab. This is possible because the suspended ceiling is below the capital by approximately 3-4 cm There is a kind of baguette (mini-baguette ceiling), which takes only 1.5 cm high (often used to preserve the edges of the main stucco ceiling). In this installation takes a little time. For example, in an apartment of 70 square meters. m is set for just seven hours. This method is by far the most successful and fast. A suspended ceiling will take 3 times, and the traditional plastering and whitewashing is 10 times longer than the installation of stretch ceiling.

Despite the fact that the film is quite thin and light, it is very sturdy, able to withstand up to 100 liters per square meter and just sag under the weight of water. It is easy to guess what this is a great property for those who have forgotten to close the taps neighbors. In the event of flooding from the top floor only needs to urgently call a team of installers who undock one corner of the cloth, gently merge the water will dry heat gun your capital ceiling, and tensioning vinyl tape put in place. At the same time it is fully restoring its former size. Water resistance of the film, as well as the absence of condensate makes it ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, swimming pools.

Durability and ease of mounting - not only advantage of a stretch ceiling. It absorbs noise, does not accumulate static electricity, is safe from an environmental point of view, do not smoke emission has been certified State Standard,

Health certificate, certificate of fire safety. It will protect you and your household dust that collects on a normal ceiling and pours from it. This quality has been appreciated by medical institutions and shops with high requirements for sterility. Stretch ceilings are almost require no extra care and allow you to save money and effort required for a regular or a cosmetic overhaul - the canvas ceiling company provides 10 years warranty.

Homogeneous, perfectly smooth surface, looks like a solid ceiling, has a great finished look, perfect aesthetically. Allows you to hide the available water supply, ventilation and gas communications. In the ceiling can be built not only a variety of lamps, chandeliers, but the ventilation system, alarm and fire safety.