Video on the installation of stretch ceiling. Lessons installation of suspended ceilings

     Company "A hundred nine" holds daily training installation of suspended ceilings. Come to us from all over Ukraine and asked to teach installation of suspended ceilings. We are happy to do it. We train our new dealer for correct installation of suspended ceilings. To do this, there is a special room in which learning takes place. Education is paid, the value of the symbolic. When we purchase a complete set of equipment, training - free of charge. The set of equipment is a gas gun, a set of blades for the installation of suspended ceilings. There is a free new dealer receives recovery after training with a training course on the installation of suspended ceilings. In 2008 was invited for TV movie as a suspended ceiling. First National Channel of Ukraine has agreed to make a video and put stuff in the "four walls." This video, the training we provide below for review by our customers.

        Installation of the ceiling came in Kiev on the street. University, 58. We have shown how to install suspended ceiling in the shape of a circle in oil paint box. And brought together installers LLC "Nine Hundred" who behind 8 years of experience in the installation of suspended ceilings. Used gas heat gun Master BLP 70M, power 69kW. White glossy film (varnish) of 200 cm without a seam ceiling since the diameter was less than 2 meters. Edging (inset) is cryptic white with a special tendril for hiding gaps between the wall ceilings.