The production of suspended ceilings. Article number 6

 Mass production of suspended ceilings began in the second half of the last century. At first glance it seems that the suspended ceiling is extremely simple to manufacture and installation: nothing special - PVC film stretched around the perimeter of the room. However, the production of suspended ceilings is a fairly complex technology and requires special equipment and special microclimate, and even in a factory where they make the canvas for the ceiling. This is due to the fact that polyvinyl chloride film having a thickness of only 0,15 - 0,35 mm. And weight - 180-320 g/m2, must have excellent characteristics. Thus, when the voltage across the gap film stands about 13 MPa/m2 in width and 17 MPa/m2 - length, is waterproof and can withstand up to 100 liters of water per 1 m2, not afraid to shock, stretches and easily returns to its original state. The only thing that did not perform with the ceiling - to throw at him knives and other sharp objects. Stretch ceilings do not require frequent repairs of the same as the standard. The film is easy to clean, is fireproof and durable, it can be made from a flat ceiling, and more complex structures: arches, tents, etc. Finally, the film for ceiling retains these properties at temperatures of -5 to +50 degrees.

However, the production of the film - that's not all. Despite the fact that the stretch ceiling installation takes several hours to 2-3 days, the production of suspended ceilings can not on its own. Area of ​​the premises where the ceilings set may be very different, which means that you can not just cut off a piece from a roll of the right size and its own pull on the ceiling mount. Besides, the accuracy of measurement must be almost perfect - the space even diagonally measured: error may be less than one centimeter, especially when the compound Spear. The production of suspended ceilings includes several stages. The first of them - it froze. Many companies involved in the installation of the ceiling, work with the client to start out with him a professional who will advise and make the necessary measurements. The order is then sent to a factory that produces stretch ceilings. Today, the increased demand is the harpoon technology, and it can be used only in the factory - where the film special welded hooks for which the fabric roof is attached later to the baguette. The web delivered to the customer and proceed with the installation.

Interestingly, the production of suspended ceilings in each country due to their secrets or proprietary features, which share one of the founders, of course, is in no hurry. Therefore, those companies that decide to break into the market of suspended ceilings, we have now is not easy: the firms for which the production of suspended ceilings has become a major activity for decades, offering proven products to the consumer, have to invent a brand new something, to find their niche. However, often Western manufacturers of those who enter into contracts with Russian companies that provide training for employees of companies working with their material: familiar with the technology, video production and supply literature, visualize exactly how to work with a particular material. Such cooperation is fruitful for both sides for for almost a decade. Moreover, the production of suspended ceilings in a number of companies are now reduced to only buy PVC film, components are manufactured by the same Russian enterprises.