Features of suspended ceilings

     Stretch ceiling is now in almost every apartment. However, many do not know all the details and characteristics of the ceiling covering. Today we will correct the situation in, take a comfortable and start reading.

      Stretch ceilings are fundamentally different from other designs almost all of the characteristics. They look like a thin film of PVC, which pull on a specially made frame. Depending on customer requirements, the suspended ceiling can take the most bizarre forms.

      The modern building houses often opts for such structures. This is quite understandable, because the suspended ceiling is very easy to install. In this case, you can even mount ceiling covering in a renovated room. It's simple: when you install virtually no construction debris and dust, not at all. Of course, some difficulties arise, but this business of skilled craftsmen. Under no circumstances should you attempt to perform a self-assembling, the consequences could be unpredictable.

      Many designs of the houses are connected with the installation of ceilings. Why? The fact that the design is practically nothing to fear. Simply put, the dirt and dust on this coverage does not accumulate, and the temperature drops it does not hurt - that terrible. Unfortunately, flooding can be deadly to stretch ceiling. In this case, the film is simply tapped out, and this means that the repairs in the apartment would have to re-do.

      Most of suspended ceilings reflect artificial and sunlight. This allows you to make the room lighter, save on electricity. It is important to remember only one rule: in saunas, baths and unheated ceilings should not install. At low temperatures, the canvas is very fragile, and if too high (above 45 degrees Celsius) too hot and may melt.

      PVC film used in the construction of suspended ceilings, is very strong. However, if the web ruptured, then this location may be set as light or - or decorative element. Wizard will offer you a lot of decisions to correct the situation.

     There is increasing tension ceilings combine with other designs. For example, drywall, fabric, stone elements. All business only in your imagination and ingenuity.

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