Stretch ceilings in Ukraine. Article number 28

 As it turns out, we are still looking for simple ways to desyatimillimetrovy and drop ceiling panels can no longer watch without flinching, and it turns out we are well versed in aesthetics and composition. The main problems that help solve modern ceiling systems - leveling ceiling (false ceiling) planes and the implementation of certain interior solutions, as well as maintaining the ceilings in the proper form. But, as the proverb says, before a ride on a sled sleigh need to mess. Want a beautiful ceiling? Putty and smooth? No problem. Stocked for the week respirators, furniture and belongings packed in polyethylene. Increased office staff at the couple shpaklevschikov and painters, and then for a couple of washers cleaners. And the beauty is you have a right over your head ... But as long as the building does not give another contraction ... or the neighbors do not forget to tighten the top of the crane ... So, what are we, Nicholas II, who wish? Or the right to say what we do not want. We do not want the following:
- Move furniture and beloved by television;
- To raise the dust background;
- Long watch at strangers;
- Spend a lot of time on it;
- To pray for sustainable pair of floor slabs, strength and skill shpaklevschika putty and painter, an indoor crane on top of the neighbors;
- To see how year after year the paint fade.
Methods solutions.
The ceiling is the only place in our homes and apartments, which until now has not touched the hand of the architect. White, flat or curved - that's all its characteristics. However, this "white list" waited in the wings and ready to express the individuality of the owner. The most fashionable solution are now French ceilings. The story of suspended ceilings dating back to the ancient era. Their traces are found in the ancient states: Egypt, Greece, Rome. The modern version emerged in the mid-60s in Sweden and immediately gained wide popularity in Western Europe. We in Ukraine ceilings fairly new concept. However, its undeniable merits, aesthetics and colors, allowing to carry out the most unexpected design fantasies, combined with practicality, moisture is prepared for them a long life. The material - a film that does not contain harmful substances, corresponding to all health and safety requirements. French stretch ceiling is the fastest way to finish. It does not require pre-treatment, can hide any defects the ceiling, renew and refresh the interior of the apartment, home, office. The special role of the French stretch ceiling appears in finishing houses, prestigious office space firms, banks, hotels, restaurants, shops. The variety of colors and textures of the French stretch ceiling will give a rich palette of artists and designers, will bring almost any modern interior, will satisfy every taste. Compared with traditional technologies finishing ceilings, which is mandatory update is done every 3-5 years, especially in kitchens and bathrooms, French ceilings do not require maintenance. Time has no effect on its quality. You will forget about the repair, you just wipe it. It will serve you until you get bored.
Indeed, with ceilings always the same problem. But man after spacewalk was determined to solve this problem. The idea was taken from the past. In ancient times, people pulled a silk cloth from the ceiling, telling it to him aesthetic appearance and hiding unsightly wooden floors. These ceilings sag over time, gathering dust, faded, followed by a home bred zoo, consisting mainly of rodents, but still the problem was solved. After a while, the "ceiling" is simply thrown out and hung up a new one. A little later, people realized cloth impregnated with a solution of chalk and draw still damp cloth. Drying up the fabric stretched and formed flat, white ceiling. But over time, chalk started to get enough sleep, and fabric care quickly grew old and sprawling. But the glory of Yuri Gagarin, the scientific and technological progress and the company Nine Hundred. In love with the beauty of the French picked up on the idea of ​​a spear, shot her new stapler (not to say the latest) the materials and offered worldwide centuries-old solution of the problem.
Stretch ceiling simultaneously performs many functions: can decrease too high places or premises placed close under the ceiling of the wiring. Used as a decorative element, it produces an irresistible impression and creates a new space. Perfectly smooth, resistant to deformation creates a ceiling effect glass tile colors selected, and when using the mirror structure increases the small room. Using the suspended ceiling, we can instantly change the room, increasing the comfort of using them - at the expense of ease of giving any form, c according to the requirements of our client and architect arrangement. Each ceiling can have its own unique form: it can be flat, oval, arc-shaped, spherical, spatial, a broken or multilevel. Mounted ceiling is very light, it does not burden the existing slab. His square meter weighs about 200 grams, so it is not sozdayt additional loads.
Most of suspended ceilings are water-resistant, protect the room from the inside, ensuring the impossibility of flooding, as well as providing protection for the floor structure from the accumulation of excessive amounts of moisture. An important advantage is the possibility of caring for cover: you can manually clean the surface using a public detergents or products specified in the instructions, no more frequently than once every 4 - 5 years in normal use. In areas of high sterility ceiling can be treated with a solution of chlorine and pressurized wash. Stretch ceilings can be used in all areas of public use, in private homes and especially where the required absolute purity and sterility. Ceiling is electrostatic coating, waterproof, antiseysmichnym so made specially commissioned ceiling is a solution for a long time, does not require additional costs for the entire period of its operation.
Polyvinyl chloride film - a material that creates a moisture barrier. From within, successfully protects roof structure (eg swimming pools, halls, etc.). Outside: Do not allow water and moisture to penetrate into the room, in the highest degree protects the interior, furniture, millwork from dampness and flooding. After installation of the ceiling surface is covered with a layer of micron Teflon that prevents the deposition of particles of dust on it, and water vapor, further protecting the texture of the material. Thus the design does not affect the acoustic properties of the room because of the resonance of the voice or a wave of extinction. For specific parameters using special acoustic structures and materials. The film, stretched on a baguette, acts as a catalyst layer of air between the room and the traditional ceilings or roofs. The heat transfer coefficient is adjustable, if you apply the thermal version of the ceiling.
So, "concealing" a total of 20 - 30 mm height of the room your ceiling gets her face from the best French beauticians. His make-up is not afraid of shrinkage of the building, sifting sand from the floors, the forgotten swirling crane on top of the neighbors and a number of things that can wear out any other person very quickly. For the visionaries it is possible to create two-, three-, or N-tier structure, with the "twinkling starry sky ', in the form of dents giant apples, ribbons," bellows ", arches, domes. These effects are achieved by stretching the elastic material on a lightweight aluminum frame. Create similar effects of other materials either impossible or takes a lot of time and money. The film in a factory applied color pattern - either a standard or on the design proposed by the customer. Three-dimensional ceiling still is the most time consuming. The frame of the individual fragments of aluminum profiles designed in advance, accessories to be ordered from the factory. After mounting frame design is somewhat reminiscent of the space station from a science fiction movie. Of course, the time of delivery and installation of such a miracle increases slightly. To prevent accumulation of condensate in the mounting profiles make vents. And with a floor area of ​​30 m2 is necessary to provide a message of zaplenochnogo with ventilation channels. Sometimes the canvas mounted vents for the exhaust is.
Stretch ceiling provides replacement coverage (film) without replacement of the frame, if it is a change of scenery in a club or restaurant.
One of the most important, not to say the most important thing in the process of creating a tension ceiling is the moment of contact the customer and the installer of the company. For suppliers and installers of stretch ceiling systems it is important to accurately determine the client's need (as defined by interior features, or even the nature of the client) and to propose a model and a design appropriate to the style of life (and maybe even a way of thinking) of the customer, not the size of his wallet. For a constructive dialogue with the supplier to the customer should be clearly defined in their desires and opportunities, and then proceed to the actual choice of the provider. One can not be the main criterion to use low cost material, probably because the installed system can cost twice the price (if aesthetics that means something to you.) It is important to clarify the following points: whether the installation of a ceiling price, delivery time of your order, the warranty company installer (would be nice to see the port-folio), value-added services (installation of special lighting, air conditioning and ventilation, etc.). For best results, it is desirable to agree on a schedule and sequence of work (especially when running other subcontractors). And most importantly, do not repeat the sad experience of a swan and pike cancer (their ceiling is still there). So, for a constructive solution to the problems! Curtain.