Installation stretch ceiling. Basics. Article number 4

Agree, when it comes to repairing the ceiling - and care about this usually comes at least once a year - that from now on you the ceiling begin to "fall" financial and technical problems. One process whitewash will make you at least move out of the room in which the repair is done. Thus suffers furniture, walls, and even your mood leaves much to be desired.

Installation of ceilings - a great way to solve all these problems. The installation process itself ceiling has worked out quite well, ceiling is not associated with dirt, dust and the need to close the floor with plastic wrap and make furniture out of the room. No additional preparation space is also required. Stretch ceiling does not prevent the installation of any lighting, fire safety systems, alarm systems, ventilation and electrical pipes. Stretch ceiling fire-fighting, which means it does not burn. If there is a very high temperature melts the suspended ceiling is not giving off the substances hazardous to health. Installation of the ceiling - a good way to solve one of the components of repair problems - securely and permanently.

The adjustment of the ceiling starts with the managers of the company - the installer introduces consumers to the available range of suspended ceilings. According to numerous testimonies of managers, and the only major problem with tension ceilings - it is here. After all, is usually quite difficult to choose - because of the variety of colors and patterns that will offer you in every self-respecting company. So prepare in advance and advice manager will help you finalize your selection. Then, in order to install ceiling was right - the technology produces - usually free - measure your space, and the results of the measurement of the supplier company produces directly the suspended ceiling. The only strict requirement here - a very accurate measurement of the perimeter of the room on a list of the required size (perimeter, diagonals, segments, etc.). Well, it's certainly not customer care, and technologists usually perform this process, without which the installation of ceilings is not possible - quickly and efficiently.

Now we come close to the subject of the article - namely, to how is it that made installation of the ceiling. There is nothing complicated, but no particular experience is necessary. Thus, installing ceiling is approximately as follows:

· 1. First, the walls around the room attached special PVC profiles (baguettes).

· 2. In places where the elements should be installed spotlight on the base ceiling mounted racks, which will be installed and the lights, which will then be displayed in the level of tension ceiling.

· 3. Thereafter, the air in the room by means of special equipment (heat gun) is heated to 50 - 60 ° C.

· 4. Then, after the temperature rose, dressed in special profiles PVC film, which is the basis of a stretch ceiling. When heated, the film becomes more elastic, and slightly stretched.

· 5. The film is then leveled and at cooling the room and pulled tighter. Installation of ceiling is finished and your new ceiling is ready!

Quickness of installation ceiling in this case is provided by the fact that the vinyl fabric for each room is a single piece, vykroenny exactly according to its size. Thus, in the case of difficult installation and ceiling installation time does not exceed a few hours. Installation of ceilings - a procedure which, as we have already mentioned, for all its apparent simplicity should exercise trained, qualified installers. It is in this case, the installation of ceilings will be fast and ceilings themselves last a long time.