I do not need a suspended ceiling. Article number 56

       That's what my friend said when I asked him a suspended ceiling. I was curious to what bound by its flatness. And in the course of a long
conversation, he is not me trying to explain that expensive and harmful for him pleasure not to his liking. What are the sources and explanations have led people to this conclusion? Was there a lot of questions, but clear explanations, I have not heard. Here it is not even in the tension ceiling I thought at the time.

   Misinformation and just a rumor and conversations can shape a person a lot of misconceptions about a particular product, the situation is different, and just about life. I believe that every opinion should start from the facts. Advertising and anti-advertising, there are moving at the same speed, and only depends on us the right choice, the choice of destination.

     Trust but verify, is quite appropriate in such situations ... For example, you and your wife saw the picture magazine photo with a picture of a stretch ceiling, you liked it and you are ready to have been dialed and order ... but here there was a familiar heard about your idea and then she began to discourage you, because her mother is familiar with Zhitomir, and so she put the suspended ceiling and the girlfriend says: "No he stood and weeks, I started to crack and there were some kinks in the film." You, of course, the trust said friend and decided to postpone the whole idea. Although in Delhi, a friend of my mother, who lives in Zhytomyr ceiling ordered the company without request for a warranty card and simply got on the scams that are not warned of the danger, a suspended ceiling on the balcony, absolutely can not do that.

      I tried to avoid this situation, and based on the personal experience of a friend told him all the exciting moments in the tension ceiling. A week later, we are gathered by his house, everyone was delighted with the extremely handsome glossy ceiling.
Trust, but verify.