Company « 109 »
(Hundred Nine Ltd.) Is among the largest Ukrainian manufacturers of stretch ceilings and related products. Our company has the most extensive dealer network, which enables us to provide services in any city. We are the official representative of a number of major European companies , which enables us to offer our customers an exclusive model of stretch ceilings , which have no analogues in Ukraine. We are a dynamic company with its own production . It distinguishes us from our competitors and to reduce the price level .
We offer our customers the most cost-effective and optimal conditions for cooperation . Ordering ceilings in our company, you can be fully confident that all work will be performed at a high professional level in the shortest time possible . Our goal is to ensure full and continuous cycle of works from the moment of the call to our office prior to signing the acceptance of work performed . Individual approach to each customer allows taking into account all the wishes of the client and to achieve high results in the installation of suspended ceilings very high level of complexity . All our work , we provide warranty and post-warranty service . To achieve these goals , we use only the highest quality materials , both foreign and domestic production.
Direct mounting tension ceilings takes several hours and requires no action by the customer, such as the release of the premises from the furniture. Qualified technician to arrive on the object and make all the necessary measurements . With extensive catalogs and computer simulation , our managers will offer you several options for design of stretch ceilings , as well as explain the benefits of using those or other materials and technologies.
Clear and well-coordinated work of all parts of the managers and masters , to manufacturing and assembly provides high speed processing and order fulfillment. Here you will find cheap as budgetary decisions and exclusive expensive projects of suspended ceilings . In parallel with the production, development and installation of suspended ceilings , we offer a range of additional services. This primarily refers to the unique design and installation of lighting systems , which aim to increase the visual attractiveness of suspended ceilings and lower power consumption .
Stretch ceilings from " 109 " - a fast designing and installation , durability , excellent quality, low price , warranty, eco-friendly materials , aesthetics and more.