Stretch ceilings in Slovenia

The Republic of Slovenia - a country in Central Europe. The territory of the state is 20,253 km ², population , according to the census of 2009, -
2,005,692 people. Located in the piedmont of the Balkan Peninsula. Washed by the Adriatic Sea. On the west it borders with Italy, in the north - with Austria to the north- east - from Hungary to the east and south - with Croatia.

Capital - Ljubljana . Official language - Slovenian. A unitary state , parliamentary republic . The head of Slovenia - the president is elected every 5 years. The executive branch has the president and the cabinet . The latter is appointed by parliament . The Parliament consists of two houses: the National Assembly and the State Council. It is subdivided into 210 communities , 11 of which have city status.

Slovenia has a rich history . About 250 thousand years BC. e . in Slovenia the first stone tools made ​​hominids . In the I century, after long wars , the Romans established their power in the region. At the end of the same century, a state itself subordinate to the accident, but in the 626 , the Slavs created a new state Carantania . Throughout its long history, the territory of Slovenia was part of Austria, Italy , Hungary, Germany, Yugoslavia , until 25 June 1991 Slovenia had not proclaimed their independence.

Slovenia is an ideal base for the development of health tourism -spa with healing power which people met during the Roman Empire. The therapeutic properties of the Slovenian thermal springs were known in ancient Rome , then the Romans constructed on the sources of the mineral water baths and thermal baths . Since then and to this day the thermal springs in Slovenia is highly recommended to use for medicinal purposes. By the Slovenian thermal springs in middle age aristocrats flocked from all over Europe . The end of the nineteenth century was marked by active development of Slovenia spas , hotels and resorts were built , and aristocrats began to come out of Russia , attracted by tales of the miraculous healing properties of the Slovenian mineral water.

It is safe to say that Slovenia has a huge potential for the development of family, individual , medical and health , environmental and sports tourism . Having even a small outlet to the sea , Slovenia attracts tourists in summer and winter. In Slovenia is 87 natural mineral springs and more than 25 therapeutic thermal spas and well-known health and beauty centers , equipped with medical equipment of the highest level . Fifteen resorts and tourist centers of Slovenia certified and they are assigned a status of natural hospitals .

It should be noted that a lot of clinics and spas require ongoing service that can not , in turn, stimulate the construction business . The most promising projects are expected in civil engineering - the Slovenian Government is planning significant investments in infrastructure. 2011-2012, increased the number of construction companies. The main reason for this was the bankruptcy of the major players of the market , which cleared the field for small and medium businesses. With the growth of companies and increased competition in the construction market and each company is desperately fighting for his client . With this state of affairs is very acute question - " What will help the company to gain a growing share of the market ? ". The answer is obvious - " This is the introduction of new materials and the provision of new original purchaser of services ."

The company " 109 " - one of the leading companies in the field of stretch ceilings offers a new direction in the field of installation of ceiling systems - is the tension French ceiling . Due to the wide range of colors and variety of shapes that can take this kind of PVC ceiling film has gained popularity all over the world. Our company is expanding its dealer network and invites all interested business circles of Slovenia to join our close-knit family and become our dealers. The company "109" provides its members special discounts on materials , equipment and tools, as well as providing support around the clock .

We carry out the installation of stretch ceilings throughout Ukraine . We accept orders for the installation of suspended ceilings in all the cities , and then pass the data to our representative in the region. Thus , working with us, our dealers receive orders directly from the home office in Kiev. Our dealers will not have to seek orders independently. We regularly conduct campaigns in Ukraine , so that our dealers have always been at work . Therefore, to cooperate with us profitable. The only condition - one representative for one city . Hurry up and you become that the only exclusive dealer .

We are willing to share their experiences with the brothers Slavs ...


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