Stretch ceilings in Slovakia

Slovakia , the official name - Slovak Republic - a country in Central Europe. The population , according to the results of the 2001 census, more
than 5.4 million people , the area - 48 845 km ². Slovakia is located in the heart of Europe, from the north and north -east is surrounded by mountain ranges of the Western Carpathians . To the south of the Carpathians is dominated by hills , separated by fertile valleys through which the Danube River flow into numerous . Slovakia - a country of small cozy towns , clean mountain air and fertile green plains .

The capital - Bratislava . Official language - Slovak. Slovakia unitary state , parliamentary republic . As of August 2012 President Ivan Gasparovic is , the Prime Minister - Robert Fico . Divided into 8 edges. Slovakia - one of the youngest states in Europe. Nearly three- quarters of a century it was part of Czechoslovakia , and before that a thousand years was part of the Hungarian state . After the division of Czechoslovakia by the prices for real estate land behind not only on the Czech Republic, but also from its other neighbors , Hungary, Poland, Austria and Ukraine. Today, the situation in the country has changed dramatically. In Slovakia, every year more and more developed tourist infrastructure . Today resorts in Slovakia became known and loved all over Europe , and affordable prices and excellent service here involves more and more tourists .

Due to the tourist area of ​​Slovakia every year it becomes more and more attractive country for investment, today, despite the active construction in Slovakia , the demand still outstrips supply . Income of the population increase year by year , in parallel with the growing demand for real estate in Slovakia. In the state today is increasing the flow of money in the construction sector . Due to overwhelming demand , property prices in the country are growing almost 30% a year. Since Slovakia joined the European Union , with its release of all restrictions on foreigners buying property Today, any citizen may acquire any property in the country. A real estate purchase entitles you to receive multiple semi - Slovak visa.

Trends in recent years have caused a rapid development of the construction business in the country. However, not all areas of the construction business developed equally well , this is primarily influenced by the specifics of the modern market . One of the priorities in recent years has been the production and installation of stretch ceilings . This was the use of advanced materials in its production and universal design , a variety of colors and textures of the tension of the film , speed of installation and relatively low price of the final product. This type of ceiling can be applied in almost any architectural style , even more unusual and original solution can serve as a technology of " starry sky ", which allows you to experience the full depth of the cosmos from the comfort of an apartment. In this kind of business are working a lot of companies, but not everyone is able to reach the top and become a leader.

The company " 109 " is not new to the construction market , we are engaged in stretch ceilings for 7 years. Thanks to the professionalism and hard work , we have won the trust of not only many Ukrainian families, but also respect for the serious business structures. The company "109" is actively expanding its dealer network both in Ukraine and abroad, we are already working on the market of such countries as Germany , Italy , Spain. Due to its strategic location and a booming economy, Slovakia is particular interest to us . We are ready to provide their services in your market. The company "109" invites to cooperation both companies are present in the construction business , and just individuals who want to try their hand in stretch ceilings . For our official representatives in your area , our company has prepared a number of very attractive offers , first you totally free pass special training (theory and practice) on real objects , our professional installers will share with you all my secrets , and secondly you will get a unique opportunity to acquire the materials , equipment and tools from leading European manufacturers at special prices , in the third you can always count on the help of our professional managers in all the most difficult situation .

We carry out the installation of stretch ceilings throughout the territory of Ukraine and abroad . We accept orders for the installation of stretch ceilings in all the cities , and then pass the data to our representative in the region. Thus , working with us, our dealers receive orders directly from the home office in Kiev. Our dealers will not have to seek orders independently. We regularly conduct campaigns in Ukraine , so that our dealers have always been at work . Therefore, to cooperate with us profitable. The only condition - one representative for one city . Hurry up and you become that the only exclusive dealer .

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