Stretch ceilings in Austria

The Republic of Austria - a country in Central Europe. The population of 8.46 million people. Surface Area 83,871 km ². Austria - a country of
alpine peaks, meadows, mountain lakes and cool forests. The cozy old town, living in his nesuetnom and serene rhythm. Austria called "open heart of Europe." Most of Austria occupied Eastern Alps, which in turn are divided into the Northern Alps of Tyrol and Salzburg Alps in the north, and Karnikskie Zillertal Alps in the south. The highest point - Mount Grossglockner (3797 meters), and on it is one of Europe's largest glacier - Pasterze.

Capital - Vienna. Official language - German. Austria is a federal state that unites nine distinct grounds. The head of state is the Federal President, elected for 6 years. The government is headed by the Federal Chancellor. Government members are appointed by the president. Austrian Parliament - bicameral Federal Assembly, which consists of the Federal Council and the National Council.

Earth modern Austria were conquered by the Romans Celts 15 BC. e. Substantially all its long history, Austria continually waged wars of conquest, leaving it exists in current borders. After the Second World War, Austria temporarily lost its independence, being divided into four occupation zones between France, the U.S., Britain and the USSR. Lish in 1955 Austria again became a fully independent state. In 1995, Austria became a member of the European Union.

Tourist business in Austria is an important part of the economy of the country and accounts for nearly 9% of the Austrian GDP. Priority areas include active 'green' tourism and cultural tourism. Visiting Austria mainly includes a trip to Vienna - a recognized cultural center of Europe with a variety of art galleries, magnificent palaces, concert halls, majestic squares, picturesque streets. Also popular birthplace of Mozart - Salzburg, Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol, surrounded by the Alps. In the western part of the country Vorarlberg region borders the picturesque Lake Constance. The greatest attention of tourists attracted by the Austrian cross-country skiing and hiking. For those interested in art in Austria there are a lot of museums and theaters.

Many believe Austria is extremely favorable country for private sector development, in spite of a large enough tax. Among the main reasons that many entrepreneurs would like to start a business in Austria, they are called - tranquility of the country, a temperate climate and the mass of business - opportunity. One of the priorities of the Austrian economy on a par with tourism can rightly be considered a construction business, which is experiencing another boom after the financial crisis. High activity in the industry was triggered by growing investments in real estate amid fears in the financial market. The biggest boom falls on the western Austrian province of Salzburg. According to the latest statistics, the volume of construction contracts increased in the first half of 2012 by 80% compared with 2011. A significant contribution to this statistic brought numerous projects for the construction of the tunnels, as well as the increase in the number of housing projects for the construction and reconstruction of buildings.

Despite the active development of the construction business there is a lot of competition and it is extremely difficult to find a niche in this form. The company "109" invites all interested entrepreneurs and business structures of Austria to take its rightful place in the construction industry of the country. We are engaged in this 2005 view of construction services, as manufacturing and installation of stretch ceilings and invite all interested parties to become our official representatives in your country. Stretch ceilings thanks to the variety of colors, shapes and textures has long taken a worthy place among other building materials, they allow you to create true masterpieces, such as such as "Starry Sky". Taking care of its dealers, we provide them with special discounts on materials, equipment and tools, as well as provide virtually around the clock online support.
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