Stretch ceilings Yagotin

Yagotin city was founded in the 12th century. Now it is the administrative center of Yagotin district of Kyiv region. Yagotin located 100 km from Kiev and has about 25 thousand people. It is a beautiful and distinctive city with a rich history, is widely known in the past for its handicraft shops.
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Today the market of repair and finishing works are very popular services for the installation of tension flows. It is a modern, beautiful and reliable way to make the ceilings in a completely flat surface. Stretch ceilings are composed of two main elements: metal frame and fabric made of PVC or fabric. The frame is fastened at a distance of several centimeters from the flow around the perimeter of the room, then it is stretched canvas. This technology allows you to hide any irregularities, communications, wires and traces of flooding ceiling. In this case, the average life of the stretch ceiling is about 20 years.

Order ceilings in Yagotin can the company "Nine Hundred Yagotin", which is the official representative of the famous "109". "One Hundred Nine Yagotin" has a wide range of stretch ceilings, different coloring, texture and producer, among which you will easily find the most suitable option to the interior of your apartment.


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