Stretch ceilings in Chernigov

Chernigov - a city of regional subordination stretch ceiling in Chernigov Chernihiv region, administrative, economic and cultural center of the Chernihiv
Натяжной потолок в Чернигове Черниговской области
region. Located on the right bank of the Desna, on average, it reaches, where the river turns sharply to the south-west - to Kiev. The area of ​​the city - 71.3 m. km. Population - 296,500 people. First Chernigov mentioned in the "Chronicle" under 907

The basis of economic and business life of Chernigov, as in other ancient cities, was craft. In Chernihiv working artisans of many specialties. Modern realities dictate its laws, but the beginning of handicraft making itself felt. In 2013, the city plans to increase the volume of construction of housing and social, consumer and cultural spheres. The production of stretch ceilings is an integral part of modern business building.

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