Stretch ceilings in Chernivtsi

Stretch ceilings in Chernivtsi TM "109" represents the state of emergency "Olympia". Types of work that is performed by our representatives in Chernivtsi:
  • Installation of suspended ceilings in Chernivtsi and Chernivtsi region. The quality of installation is not worse than the capital. In Chernivtsi are professional installers of stretch ceilings. Work (photos) stretch ceilings in Chernivtsi you can see below.
  • installation (installation) of the sky in the stretch ceiling Swarovski TM "109". Crystal (lenses, crystals) Swarovski very elegant and ornate look in the tension ceiling. PE "Olympia" has extensive experience in the installation of the sky in the ceilings.
  • fittings, sockets and switches Gere (Gira) from a warehouse in Kiev. You just need to order the catalog any hardware Gira, and within 7 days sockets (es) will be delivered in Chernivtsi.
  • repair of suspended ceilings.
  • warranty and service stretch ceilings TM "109". Recall that the ceilings TM "109" have a 12-year warranty.
  • sale of accessories for stretch ceilings (profile, insertion, a harpoon). You can also buy any accessories for stretch ceilings.

All the ceilings are completed warranty card, where the number of the ceiling (the order), color, and size. Starting in Chernivtsi - May 2007. The coordinates of suspended ceilings in Chernivtsi:
  • Chernivtsi
  • Str. Dubinskaya, "Market", shop number 116
  • Tel. (044) 332-7670
  • (067) 509-84-61
  • e. Email:

Photos of completed projects of suspended ceilings in Chernivtsi and Chernivtsi region, made by our representatives:

Натяжные потолки в Черновцах Натяжные потолки в Черновцах Натяжные потолки в ЧерновцахНатяжные потолки в Черновцах Натяжные потолки в Черновцах Натяжные потолки в ЧерновцахНатяжной потолок в Черновцах Натяжные потолки Черновцы Натяжной потолок ЧерновцыЧерновцы натяжные потолки Натяжные потолки фото Черновцы Натяжной потолок ЧерновцыНатяжной потолок в Черновцах Натяжные потолки и Черновцы Натяжные потолки звездное небо ЧерновцыСложные натяжные потолки в Черновцах Натяжной потолок Черновцы Натяжные потолки ЧерновцыНатяжные потолки Черновцы

The following pictures will be very interesting to designers and architects. The photographs show the ceilings with photo printing and a starry sky. What is interesting this work? First photoprint not formed tissue ceilings (B Clipso), and on the matte white PVC film which is used specifically for printing. It is also a harpoon system that has established itself as the most reliable and practical fastening system of stretch ceilings. First, the film is applied to a high-quality picture, then cut the film in a workshop under the right size and scald with a harpoon on the perimeter. Also in this Stretch ceilings with photo printing there is a starry sky. And the sky is also not standard. First, it is not pierced, and established for the stretch ceiling without piercing the film. Second in the night sky there is crystal, which creates a unique effect of the star (night) sky overhead.

Фотопечать натяжного потолка облака Фотопечать облака и звездное небо на потолке

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