Stretch ceilings in Rivne

Rivne - city, regional center of the Rivne region of Ukraine, the regional center of the Rivne region. Magdeburg Law from 1492 year. in Rivne
Натяжной потолок в Ровно  в Ровенской области
Rivne region in population according to the 2011 census, was 249,778 people. The area of ​​the town is 58.24 km ². Through the city flows the river mouth.

The first known written mention of exactly how about one of the towns of Galicia-Volyn principality, is dated 1283. Exactly history reaches antiquity. Near the village Barmaki found the remains of ancient dwellings of people that are more than 15,000 years. More than two thousand years ago in what is now the city settled, established and become an outstanding factor in the European Slavic tribes.

Modern Exactly - it is the economic, administrative and cultural center of the homonymous province, part of the historical and geographical Volyn region, as well as green and pleasant city. Rivne is an important railway junction. Through the territory of the city are the way car Kiev - Brest, Lvov - Kiev, Kiev - Ternopil and Kyiv - Chernivtsi. In exactly an airport, receiving and serving different types of aircraft. Such a fortunate location of the city, in turn, influenced the development of the variety of business projects.

Recent years, gaining increasing popularity of such business as the manufacture and installation of stretch ceilings. Residents of paying tribute to the modern trends in architecture and design, are increasingly bought this kind of services for both the private sector and to the social infrastructure of the city. However, this type of business is still not very well represented in the market for construction services Exactly.

Start XXII century oznaimenovalo a new milestone in the development of "109", one of the leading manufacturers of stertch ceilings in Ukraine. Now you also have the residents of Rivne have a unique opportunity to join the beautiful and get the opportunity to work with true professionals. Our company invites all interested parties to become a city of its exclusive representatives. As a well-known construction firms, and conventional will be able to get a unique opportunity to learn from our European experience in production and installation of stertch ceilings. You will find also a lot of bonuses, such as free education, practical training on real objects, purchase of materials, tools and equipment at special prices, constant technical support for your objects.

We carry out the installation of stertch ceilings throughout Ukraine. We accept orders for the installation of stretch ceilings in all the cities, and then pass the data to our representative in the region. Thus, working with us, our dealers receive orders directly from the home office in Kiev. Our dealers will not have to seek orders independently. We regularly conduct campaigns in Ukraine, so that our dealers have always been at work. Therefore, to cooperate with us profitable. The only condition - one representative for one city. Hurry up and you become that the only exclusive dealer.
We are ready to share with you my experience of waiting for you only professionalism ...


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