Stretch ceilings in Odessa

Odessa - a city in the north-west coast of the Black Sea, the administrative center of the Odessa region, the largest port in Ukraine, as well as a major industrial, cultural, scientific, and resort center, the node roads and railways. In terms of population (1,013,108 people on December 1, 2012)
Натяжной потолок в Одессе Одесской области
is the third largest in the country after Kiev and Kharkov. Odessa - Hero City. The city is located on the shore of the Gulf of Odessa Black Sea. Most of the city, including the historic center, is located on a plain overlooking the sea about 50 meters

On the origin of many legends, one of them is the most reliable evidence that the name is derived from the ancient Greek colony of Odesos. At the end of XVIII century there was a tradition to call on the city from the Turks conquered territories Greek names. In those years it was assumed that antique Odesos existed near the Gulf of Odessa.

Odessa - the biggest sea port in Ukraine, transporting grain, sugar, coal, petroleum products, cement, metals, jute, wood, products of machine-building industry. Naval base (in the past) and the fishing fleet. A major railway center. The main industries - oil processing, machine building, metalworking, light industry, food, timber, agricultural and chemical industries. All of the above could not affect the accelerated development of the infrastructure of the city, which in turn led to an increase of the construction business. Odessa can serve as an example of where ancient architecture is closely intertwined with the modern, no building in Odessa is not designed in the same style. Historians even there was a specific definition - Odessa style. This means that the architecture can be combined with elements of Gothic, Baroque, Classical, plus everything - oriental ornaments, which have recently been supplemented by elements of the high-tech style present in modern XXII century. Such a building, under a reshaped business center building plant "Epsilon" of glass and metal on Deribasovskoy or business center "Olbia" in the Greek area not only worsened the architectural idyll of the ancient city, but also gave a new flavor of old ceiling in ulochkam.Natyazhnoy Odessa Odessa region

Current trends in the architecture could not entail the use of new technologies and new materials. A good representative of the new trends is the use of French stretch ceiling systems. Stretch ceilings are made of thin, durable vinyl film, which is attached to an aluminum or plastic frame, the so-called art prints. A wide variety of shapes, textures, as well as how to install suspended ceilings can satisfy even the most refined taste and bring the most incredible imagination.

To succeed in stretch ceilings, we need a lot of qualities such as professionalism, experience, quality materials and equipment, well-organized business. All of the above advantages the company has corrected the "109", which is not the first work in the field of stretch ceilings and has established itself as one of the most stable and successful in this market. More recently, the representation of "109" and has appeared in your beautiful city of Odessa .. Our official representative - Yury Tkachenko took a full course of study, and showed itself from the best side in the capital during the passage of REAL practice. Now, residents of the city are able to, without spending a lot of money on transportation costs, get suspended ceiling level "luxury", made of the finest European materials from "109". Mounting your ceiling will be executed efficiently and on time. We will always be "in touch" and can help you in a difficult situation. Look no further ceilings Odessa. You have already found them.
We carry out the installation of suspended ceilings throughout Ukraine. We accept orders for the installation of stretch ceilings in all the cities, and then pass the data to our representative in the region.

Натяжной потолок в Одессе Одесской области   Натяжной потолок в Одессе Одесской области

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