Stretch ceiling in Lugansk

Lugansk - a regional city in eastern Ukraine, the administrative center of Luhansk region. Population - 463,676 people. (482 thousand people. Urban agglomeration). In terms of area and population of Lugansk is among the 10 largest cities in Ukraine. Lugansk is located at the confluence of the river Lugan Alder. Distance to Kiev is 811 km. Lugansk renamed in Vorochilovgrad and back twice.
Lugansk is by far one of the fastest growing industrial centers of Ukraine, the market for construction services in the city as well presented very well. The well-known company for the production of stretch ceilings "109" is the official dealer in Lugansk firm "Nine Hundred Lugansk," which provides a full range of services for the design and installation of complex ceiling systems. To order the ceilings in Lugansk does not have to go to the capital and look for a suitable company. In "Nine Hundred Lugansk» work by specially trained experts who have been trained in the installation of stretch ceilings and have the appropriate certificates.

If you are tired of every year to repair the ceiling and put it in a neat appearance, you want to give it a stylish look and a long time to get rid of the problems of his departure, the ceilings will be the best choice. Stretch ceilings are a modern technology of finishing ceilings, which is widespread throughout the world, is strictly complies with all international health and safety standards and meets the highest environmental standards.


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