Stretch ceilings in Konotop

Konotop - a city of regional subordination, administrative and cultural center of Konotop district, is located in the western part of the Sumy region. The city's population is 93,158 people. The area of 4032 ha, surrounded by pine and mixed forests. This is an environmentally clean area of
Натяжной потолок в Конотопе  Сумской области
Ukraine. The foundation Konotopsky not known, historians have suggested that Konotop existed even before the Mongol invasion of Kievan Rus' as a border town Siverskoye principality.

Modern Konotop has great economic potential and a major railway hub, providing passenger and freight transportation in 7 areas: Moscow, Kiev, Kharkov, Gomel, Kursk, Poltava, Vitebsk. The geographical location of the city creates favorable conditions for the development of foreign economic relations with the countries of near and far abroad, and distinguishes it from other cities in the Sumy region, which gives the corresponding investment attractiveness.

Economic growth in the city in 2011-2012, began after the financial crisis in 2009, gradually acquired the characteristics of a sustainable recovery, offsetting the lost potential. Implementation of the main objectives and activities of the Program for Economic and Social Development Konotopsky in 2012 enabled the positive trend of the majority of socio-economic development of the city. Among the priority areas hit and construction business. Over the next 5 years is planned to significantly upgrade the housing stock of the city.

The company "109" is an outstanding representative of Ukraine's fast-paced construction business in stretch ceilings. Our company is very interested in the future development of the business including in Konotop. The company "109" is looking for all interested business structure of the city, as well as all interested persons and offers to become their official representatives in Konotop, thus developing its network all over Ukraine. Stretch ceilings of "109" - a high quality, reasonable price, eco-friendly materials and modern styling. For our members, a special system of discounts and benefits such as free education, discounts on equipment and materials, help with the calculations and installation of objects. Special education system that we have developed allows to produce highly qualified personnel.
We carry out the installation of stretch ceilings throughout Ukraine. We accept orders for the installation of stretch ceilings in all the cities, and then pass the data to our representative in the region. Thus, working with us, our dealers receive orders directly from the home office in Kiev. Our dealers will not have to seek orders independently. We regularly conduct campaigns in Ukraine, so that our dealers have always been at work. Therefore, to cooperate with us profitable. The only condition - one representative for one city. Hurry up and you become that the only exclusive dealer.

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