Stretch ceilings in Ivano-Frankivsk

Ivano-Frankivsk - administrative center of the Ivano-Frankivsk region, significant economic iNatyazhnoy ceiling in the Ivano-Frankivsk region Sumy cultural center of western Ukraine. Until 1962 the name was Stanislav. The population is 242,549 inhabitants (as of November 1, 2012). The city is located on the territory of two ancient villages and Zabolote Knyaginin between the rivers Bistrica Solotvynska and Nadvirna
Натяжной потолок в Ивано-Франковске  Сумской области

The city was founded in 1662 castellan of Cracow, later founded as a fortress to defend against attacks of Crimean Tatars and Cossacks, and the stronghold of the Polish magnates Potocki in Galicia and received Magdeburg rights. In the 1676-1677 years. withstood a siege by the Turkish troops. In 1706, looted by Russian troops in retaliation for their support Potockis Stanislaw Leszczynski. In 1962, the city celebrated its 300th anniversary. It was renamed and has since been named after the prominent Ukrainian writer and public figure Ivan Franko, who has been here nednokratno, wrote and read their works.

To date, Ivano-Frankivsk is developed in many areas of the administrative center of the homonymous province. The main sectors of the city are the metalworking industry, food (bread, meat, distillery plants), light (sewing, knitting factory, tannery).

It should be noted that at the business market, Ivano-Frankivsk, the construction business is not represented as widespread as in other regions of Ukraine, it is primarily due to the specific feature of the city's industry and infrastructure, but none of the modern city simply can not do without this type of business.

By "109", it was decided to start an active market development of your city as a perspective from the point of view of the introduction of new construction services. Our company is engaged in the manufacture and installation of stretch ceilings, which is one of the modern trends in the construction business. All interested in business cooperation structure of the city, as well as individuals with experience and without experience in building services are invited to cooperate actively as our official representatives. You will also have free training (theory and practice), you will be able to buy our equipment, tools and materials for a special dealer prices, as well as you will be given a marketing and technical support. The specialists of "109" will answer all your questions and help you in the most difficult situations.

We carry out the installation of stretch ceilings throughout Ukraine. We accept orders for the installation of streth ceilings in all the cities, and then pass the data to our representative in the region. Thus, working with us, our dealers receive orders directly from the home office in Kiev. Our dealers will not have to seek orders independently. We regularly conduct campaigns in Ukraine, so that our dealers have always been at work. Therefore, to cooperate with us profitable. The only condition - one representative for one city. Hurry up and you become that the only exclusive dealer.

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