Stretch ceilings in Zhitomir

       Zhitomir city in north-western Ukraine, the administrative center of the Zhytomyr Oblast and Zhytomyr region (not included in its
Натяжной потолок в Житомире Житомирской  области
composition). One of the oldest cities of Kievan Rus'. The population of the city on October 1, 2011 was - 271,249 chel. stretch ceiling in Zhitomir Zhytomyr region.
      Zhitomir is among the unique natural landscapes - from all sides of the city surrounded by ancient forests, flowing through it several rivers, the city is rich in parks and gardens. In a suburb on the banks of the reservoir stretches Teterivska wonderful water park, adjacent to the forest area located sanatorium.
     The date of foundation of  Zhitomir is 884 years old. According to legend, the name of the city comes from the combatant princes Askold and Dir, Zhitomir. Other versions - by inhabiting the earth Slavic tribe, or good growing rye (al-Rus - "rye"). In ancient times the city was the center of the settlement zhitichey that were part of a tribal alliance drevlyan
      To date the antiquity closely intertwined with modernity on the streets of  Zhitomir. The Old Town is surrounded new neighborhoods, the names are taken from the names of the former suburban villages or reflect the long-standing "profession" of these places - Hmilniki, Kroshnya, chop, Smokovka, Korbutovka and others. In 2001, approved the general plan for the development of Zhitomir 2016, which provides for a minimum change of existing buildings and new construction, reconstruction, large enterprises and the creation of new high-tech industries. In accordance with the master plan of the city stepped up the construction industry, for such far-reaching plans for urban development must be supported by material base. Development of the industry as a whole could not lead to the development of the private construction business, which contributes to the city's infrastructure.
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