Stretch ceilings in Bucha

 Stretch ceilings in Bucha
City Bucha has regional significance and is located in the Kiev region. The unique geographical location between the rivers Bucha and Rokach, make it one of the most picturesque areas of the suburbs of Kiev. Today, Butch is actively developed and new buildings being built.

"One Hundred Nine Butch" for several years, is a major provider of services for the installation of stretch ceilings in Bucha and in adjacent areas. It is an official partner of a large company of the Kiev "Nine Hundred", which is engaged in the manufacture and sale of stretch ceilings.

Натяжной потолок в Буче

Stretch ceilings are a modern way of finishing of residential and non-residential premises. With their help you can drastically transform the entire interior, giving it a more elegant and stylish. The service life of such ceilings is about 15 years old, they do not require special care and are able to protect a number of force majeure. They are able to delay the flooding from above as Q1. m fabric stands up to 100 liters of water, and not combustible and do not emit harmful substances. Stretch ceilings are made of PVC film or fabric and completely harmless to human health. A huge variety of patterns and colors make it easy to find a suitable design for your interior.


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