Stretch ceilings TM 109 at the hotel

       The stretch ceiling - it's beautiful, profitable, cozy and comfortable. And for hotel ceilings are imperative, as they can be very useful to visually increase the height of any room. And who does not love the high ceilings, especially in hotels? One of the latest luxury accommodations in Kiev - this hotel "Cosmopolitan", which is on Shulyavka, near the shopping center "Bolshevik" at the address. Getman, 6. All 160 rooms of the hotel are set ceilings TM 109 (One Hundred Nine Ltd France). White color, texture - matte. In the restaurant, set ceilings with perforated beige. These ceilings are interesting because gipsokartonnovy ceiling around the pretension black. Beige and black stretch plasterboard give a nice contrast. Below you can see some photos of the hotel "Cosmopolitan", which established ceilings.

Натяжные потолки ТМ 109 в гостинице Космополит

Перфорированные натяжные потолки в гостинице

Бежевые натяжные потолки в гостинице в Киеве