Stretch ceilings Kyiv Ukraine

 In the modern interior design gained popularity special ceilings. This is an effective, reliable and inexpensive way to give the interior a unique look, which opens many opportunities for the design of residential and nonresidential buildings.

First ceilings appeared many centuries ago. They can be found in ancient Rome, Babylon and Egypt. Local nobility and aristocracy, striving to make their dwellings more cozy and comfortable appearance, ceilings decorated with exquisite fabrics and skins of wild beasts. The modern form of ceilings were only in the middle of last century. The rapid development of the industry have contributed to the new materials available and effective technologies. Today ceilings are rightfully keen interest on the part of designers and with ordinary customers, because they can completely transform the entire interior and give it a unique and unmistakable appearance, embodied in the reality of the most unusual and original ideas.

Stretch ceilings represent a failure of modern technology decoration. Innovative composite materials in conjunction with a variety of lighting systems allow you to create beautiful individual interiors, which feature the creative imagination of designers.

Today there are so many different textures suspended ceilings and color style: glossy, mat, fabric, seamless, sloping, layered, arched, simulating complex surfaces, and many other species, which allow you to create specific visual effects.When ordering a stretch ceiling a special place should be given to designing the lighting system. It can give the interior a fantastically beautiful. You can use a variety of lamps, spot lights, fiber-optic filaments, and more to create unique lighting effects, highlighting the exquisite design and the ceiling of the room.

Modern types of suspended ceilings can be classified according to various characteristics. This will help customers navigate in a variety of modern materials and choose the most acceptable option.

By type of fabric ceilings can be divided into fabric and PVC film. Fabric ceilings are made from canvas fabric, which has a definite chemical composition. In the operation of such ceilings are unpretentious, have high strength and are not afraid of sudden changes in temperature. These disadvantages are not a large variety of colors and low elasticity. At the heart of film stretch ceilings is PVC film. They have a huge variety of colors and can print using the large format film to put on an absolutely unique images. Compared with tissue foil ceilings less durable and require more careful handling during installation. By type of setting ceilings distinguish hot and cold settings. Cold setting is used for mounting the tissue tension of threads and is a procedure for stretching canvas mounting frame. During the hot setup sheet is heated to a certain temperature, acquiring the necessary flexibility, and stretched on a baguette. After cooling, the canvas is stretched and takes the specified dimensions. By type of width ceilings divided into suture and seamless. Modern materials and technologies make it possible to produce large width of the fabric that makes it possible to pull the whole canvas in a room with no joints. This avoids unwanted joints and stretch the canvas more evenly. Therefore, seamless ceilings are gaining increasing popularity among customers.

Compared to other options ceiling finishes, suspended ceilings offer a number of advantages. A huge variety of colors and textures allows for any design ideipri ceiling decoration. With their help, you can easily hide any defects in the ceiling, pipes, wiring and other items. Stretch ceilings are moisture resistant and can withstand even severe bays on top without losing its quality. They can be installed in areas with high humidity, such as bathroom, kitchen, sauna, swimming pool, etc.Moreover, the ceilings of fire resistant and meet all fire safety requirements, as well as prevent the occurrence of harmful bacteria and fungus. In the manufacture of suspended ceilings are used only to modern eco-friendly materials that meet the highest European quality standards. Installation of suspended ceilings do not require a lot of time and can be safely carried out in rooms with furniture. They are unpretentious to use, designed for long life, require no special care and are easily dismantled.